All videos are not made the same. We're message makers. Our commodity is creativity. And that distinction is paramount. So many videos seem like the same old talking heads. Ours are different because our eyes and ears deliver.

VidVite was founded on the premise that nothing sells events more effectively than sight and sound. When online video was still in its infancy, VidVite saw the future of event promotion. Five years later, VidVite has earned the respect of the event industry for its pioneering vision and impressive advance ahead of technological change.

Vision counts. So does experience. We're the best at what we do because we've spent twenty years on the forefront of multimedia innovation. From MTV to National Geographic -- from documentary to narrative film -- we're award-winning storytellers with diverse creative backgrounds. We've learned what works and what doesn't. We've implemented standards and practices for the production and delivery of video invitations over the Web, resulting in videos that look, sound, and feel superior.

We regularly amend our schedules to accommodate international clients in other time zones. Frequently, that means working overnight. We want to be in business with you now and ten years from now. So, count on us for quality work, friendly service, and consistent attention to detail.